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September 14, 2020
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Making Feng Shui Work for Your Home

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Have you ever wondered what Feng Shui really is? If you are ready to find out, you will find the answer below. Feng Shui is a way to decorate your home. You may have heard about it but never really knew how to do it. It's a popular concept of creating a certain feeling of joy and harmony. It doesn't mean you have to create a Zen-type of home, but it's more of you creating the best energy for a certain space.

If you want Feng Shui in your bedroom, the one room that can surely use it, then you have to follow certain rules. Not really a rigid set of laws, these are more like guidelines that will ensure proper placement to attain that harmony that is the trademark of the art.

Start By Cleaning Up

Harmony is impossible to achieve amidst chaos. This is the very first thing that you will have to learn. Start by clearing the clutter from your home. As Feng Shui is dependent on energy flow, clutter prevents positive energy from going around your home. Adopt a minimalist approach. Keep things simple and clean. Position your furniture in such a way that open spaces let energy roam freely. Allow more light and air into the room. These elements represent life and energy in Eastern culture and they would help you achieve Feng Shui.

Achieve Balance

After you have cleared the clutter and brought more air and light into the room, you can now map out your bagua, or energy. There are certain positions a piece of furniture can take on in order to look great however that depends on what type of furniture you will use. For example, for the North side of the room, you should use the colors blue and black, for the element of water. There are certain elements and colors to be used when trying to achieve Feng Shui.

Third Step

Determine next if you have the right kind of decorations or accent pieces. Because the look is distinctly Easten, Western knick-knacks won't work. You can either add or subtract from your existing decors. The key here is to know what you can and cannot use.

After you are sure of the accessories you will use, figuring out each piece's place is the next step. Harmony is important here too. With all the possible colors and accent pieces, you have to make them all work together to achieve authentic Feng Shui. You have to be careful not to disrupt the flow that you worked so hard for. Adapt a holistic approach - in that you must consider all the possible interrelationships between all the elements that you use.

Remember the Floor

You don't want to complete the look until your flooring looks as good as the walls. A solid black area rug is something to consider or a white area rug. You want the flooring to look and feel clean and not cluttered up. Don't set plants or anything else on the floor because it will clutter up the overall look. A simple rug on the floor is decorative enough. In the end, the look should be clean and bright; giving you a positive vibe.


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