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September 2, 2020
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Iron Candle Stands

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Every candle needs a holder and what could be statelier than iro stands? Candles fulfill many purposes, from lighting up the room when the electric goes out to creating the perfect ambiance for a romantic dinner. Rather than resorting to unsafe and ugly chipped saucers or cups without handles, candle holders add your signature touch to interior rooms, as well as the exterior deck or driveway.

Wall mountable wrought iron sconces offer an ideal option to the glaring electric light for warming-up dim hallways or winding staircases. A sconce mounted on each side of an exquisite oil painting or beveled mirror creates an auspicious focal point. Or, place candle stands flanking a ceiling-to-floor mirror to create the appearance of opulence.

Just as every candle needs a holder there is an iron holder for every candle including tapers, votives and pillars. Handcrafted iron candle stands are available from the minimalistic for modernists to the scrolled, swirly Victorian style. Whether your home portrays classic, country, modern or antique, budget-friendly candle stands will complement existing decor.

Fireplace hearths practically beg to be enhanced with candle holders. An attractive grouping consisting of a fireplace pillar candle holder, iron stands with taper candles and an antique kettle will be admired by your guests.

To give an awesome first impression to anyone who enters your home, consider flanking a mirror or important picture in the foyer with iron stands. The candelabra are beautifully executed in sturdy wrought iron with five or six candle holders. Scatter about on tables, buffet or on the patio. These quality crafted products are quality crafted for lifetime durability.

Add a touch of elegance to an empty corner in the dining room with iron candle stands and creamy white pillar candles. Seasonal colored tapers inserted into candelabra candle holders are beautiful conversation pieces to encourage table talk. A feast for the eyes is pillar candles in iron stands flanking the fireplace.

Bare walls can be tastefully decorated with scone candle holders made of wrought iron. Groups of three or four warm up the bedroom or living room.

Many people have a quiet room or sitting corner in their home. Candles in holders are a necessity for reflection and relaxation. Any room lacking windows that seems cheerless and depressing can be made into a deeply divine place of escape when brightened-up with iron candle stands.

Wrought iron stands can make the bathroom a showplace, yet posture serenity. It is easy to clean and any spills or splashes can be wiped up with ease. Motifs from the animal kingdom or pine cones are popular bathroom decor. Ornamental candle holders can be whimsical or serious, depending on the feel desired. It's easy to mimic a French country or Victorian ambiance.
Finding and purchasing candle holders and iron candle stands is a breeze when shopping online. Just ensure that before selecting a vendor they offer quality product, timely shipping and customer satisfaction.

If the first thing that comes to mind about wrought iron is rust, it's important to know that the new iron is coated with a protective finish to keep your candle holders looking like new for a lifetime. With the wave of candle popularity, now is the time to try iron stands.


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