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October 28, 2020
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If You Want A Healthy Home, Buy A Green Home

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Green building is so much more than saving energy or reducing a home's environmental footprint. Homeowners of a certified Green Home can realize many more benefits as described below.

Reduced Maintenance & Replacement And Lower Operating Costs - Increased useful life of products and materials will result in cost savings. A properly planned landscaping package will reduce the amount of time spent working in the yard and allow more time to enjoy the outdoors. Your Green Home will have lower energy and water bills as a result of energy and water efficiency measures.

Increased Durability & Performance - Naturally you will experience a great benefit when you purchase a home built for efficiency and longevity. During construction, you can have an outside professional verify that your home has no leaks so that you don't waste energy. Your green home will be approved by an approved green certification organization, like LEED (Leader in Energy & Environmental Design) or the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders), which means a much higher value to your home.

Earth-Friendly & Sustainable Measures - Building a green home is a way of contributing to the solution for the world's environmental concerns. While your green home alone will not put a stop to tour country's carbon footprint, it will help in our quest to making environmentally safe structures the new standard in building. When we use materials that are recycled and renewable, and we use only the most energy efficient systems, we are doing all we can to reduce our negative impact.

Financial Incentives & Resale Advantages - As green home building has become more mainstream, there are increasingly more federal tax credit and local government and utility company incentive rebates available, lower cost Green mortgages available and more recently, insurance companies are beginning to offer lower premium options. Your certified Green Home will have a higher value than a comparable standard home and if you decide to sell your home, multiple listing systems used by Realtors to sell homes are now recognizing green certification programs and it is much easier to market the benefits of home to buyers.

More Comfortable Home Environment & Increased Safety - Imagine the personal benefits to you and your family by living in a quiet, clean, safe, secure and controlled indoor air quality home - is there anything more important that the health and welfare of your family? Is there really a price tag you can assign to the benefit of building a Green Home to you, your children and your grandchildren? Your family is better protected with the use of high performance smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, radon testing detectors and security system.

Healthier Home & Luxurious Green Lifestyle - Your family will experience better health and you will have lower medical bills when you live in a green home. Why? With special attention to improved indoor air quality and the elimination of humidity in your home, mold will not grow and less bacteria will be present in your living space. Until you have owned a green home, you have no clue how the environmentally friendly luxury lifestyle feels!

Now that you have a better handle on the multitude of benefits that come with green home ownership, can you really opt for a standard dwelling that isn't as good for your family and definitely not as good for the environment? You can rest better when you make the right choice- the choice to buy a safe, clean, healthy and earth friendly green home.


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