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August 10, 2020
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How To Choose Artificial Plants Or Flowers For A Guy's Space

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Guys and plants: somehow this combination seems a bit off right from the very beginning. However, for the sake of being green and keeping up with modern decor trends, you can decorate any guy's space with vegetation. Sure enough, artificial plants or flowers work extremely well for the fellas simply because these are low maintenance and can survive most "accidents" and "spills."

However, sticking a large clay pot with a cascading fern right on his doorstep can be a bit too much, especially if the only green thumb the guy ever acquires is when he is eating guacamole with his fingers. So here are a few tips on how to choose artificial plants or flowers for a guy's guy space.

1. Think resilient. Let us just say that anything fragile looking should not be within a guy's immediate reach. If you are worried about breakables breaking, then you have every right to keep the expensive vases away. Clay pots are cheaper and very classy to look at, so you can choose artificial plants or flowers that are "planted" in these.

However, if you think that clay pots could still be a source of a problem, there are always other options like small wooden flower boxes, woven baskets, fiberglass vases, or plastic or rubber pots that look like clay pots. As to the actual vegetation itself, look at something more along the lines of artificial trees, shrubs, climbing vines, or anything at all that looks solid. Trust me, fragile looking lilies will not fare well in this environment.

2. Think unobtrusive. For one moment, let us presume that this guy can not really be awarded the title of the most careful man in the world. You would not want him to be stumbling around his space just because you placed a potted plant or flowers in a vase there.

If he has a rather large space, try putting bigger pieces in the corner(s) where these will remain safely away from regular foot traffic. In this regard, you should seriously consider taking artificial plants or flower pieces off the tables. Remember, if you are worrying about him knocking over the vase, then he probably will.

On the other hand, if the guy has very limited space, then think small as well. Some of the more novel ideas might actually work like putting in small fiberglass vases with fake barrel cacti. He can use these as paperweights as well, and they are easy enough to place just about anywhere in the room.

Also, since you do not need to worry about the plants' maintenance, you might want to place the smaller but similar looking pieces in areas that are not usually accessible to anyone. 3 to 5 pieces on a high window sill is a good place to start. You can also use these to decorate the top of most shelves. Or, if you want functionality, try using larger and heavier pieces as book ends.

3. Think unique. Guys like plants. They just will not admit it. So if you really want a guy to take actual (or semi) care of the fake vegetation you place within his space, try to think of uniquely shaped or sculpted potted plants. It does not matter how large or small the pieces are; anything that is way off the norm will certainly earn his interest. Shaped topiaries are top favorites, but sculpted ones are also wonderful additions to the space as well.


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