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June 4, 2020
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Decorating Ideas For Your Own Personal Style

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Home decorating can be a never-ending process. As time evolves so do style trends and personal tastes. Home dcor needs to change to accommodate those changing likes and dislikes of a maturing family. Recognizing personal style and selecting decorator items doesn't need to cost you a lot. With a little creativity and a few guidelines, you can decorate your home for your personal style.

* Home Is Where the Heart Is

A home is the center of a family's life. It is where they return to feel safe and secure, it is your universe and it is where the family gathers as one. A home is your sanctuary where you are comfortable and where you relax and share and enjoy with other family members and friends.
Creating a comfortable home has become more important recently due to changing lifestyles. More people are choosing to work from home and moms are opting to be stay at home moms. When people spend the majority of their day in their home, whether in a home office or helping a child with homework, they want comfortable, cozy and inviting surroundings.
Comfort is more than just pieces of furniture or family photos in picture frames. Comfort comes from recognizing your family's lifestyle and decorating to accommodate style and color preferences. The first step is to assess your room and determine how your space is used. Is your family formal or informal? Your home decorating project needs to take into consideration family preferences and come up with a style, if possible, that suits everyone. Does your family style lean toward modern, traditional or casual? Do you have children or pets? Your home decorating plans need to consider all aspects of your family's lifestyle.

* Personal Style at a Glance

"Casual" is the style most families prefer for their homes to make them comfortable and easy to live in. Your preferences have a strong influence on how you decorate your home, but there are ways to have a casual feel even if your preferred style is traditional, modern or Victorian. If done right, you can have a casual, homey feel with any decorating style. Furniture plays a big part in the comfort of your room. There are sofas and chairs in every style (no matter how formal) that are comfortable and welcoming to sit in.

First of all, you need to determine your personal style. Look through decorating books and magazines to see what style appeals to you. Mark or photocopy pictures in books or tear out the magazine pages to create a "look book" of the styles you are drawn to. Once you've gathered a number of pictures you will begin to see a common thread throughout. You may lean toward one style or you may find you prefer an eclectic look, which incorporates elements from several different styles into one room.

Once you have determined the style you prefer it is time to select your color palette. Color is a very personal choice and says a lot about your personality and style. Don't worry if you are drawn to beige or neutral tones, it doesn't mean you are boring. You may just want a calming influence in your bedroom or other room of your home. You can perk up a neutral color room by using colorful accessories, like colorful picture frames and artwork, which can be changed periodically depending upon your mood or the mood you want in your room.

If you aren't sure what colors you prefer, check out your closet. It is easy to take your color cues from what you find most appealing to wear. For example, if you are most comfortable in jeans and t-shirts maybe navy blue would be a comfortable color for you. You can even choose a sofa with denim upholstery and accessorize using white or brighter touches of color for impact. Or, if you prefer subtle touches of denim, accessorize your room in blues or use denim material for pillows. If you like the contrast of black and white, you may want to use black and white family photos in black vintage picture frames. A closet full of pastels means you would probably be more comfortable in a room decorated with similar soft tones.


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