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May 18, 2020
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Classic Ceiling Fans

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Classic ceiling fans are great to use all year round. There is nothing like the cool breeze that comes from a ceiling fan when the heat is undeniably hot and extremely muggy. Just sit back, turn on the ceiling fan and watch the hot air disappear from the room. Classic fans are a wonderful way to decorate your home while enjoying the relaxing breezes. However, utilize them during the wintertime as well.

Even though one might already have central air, sometimes it is best to just run a simple ceiling fan to get the desired cooling effect. Think about those quick thundershowers that creep up in the middle of the summer. Turn off the central air, open the windows and turn on the fans.

The reduced temperature from outside will create a nice cross current breeze. It is just enough air to cool down a home, without burning a hole in one's pocket. Besides, many times, after rain showers, it becomes too cool to run the air conditioner. Use fans to take advantage of the crisp cool breezes that resulted from the storm. Save money in the process.

Classic fans are very relaxing and can save money; however there are some important things to consider during the purchase and installation periods. First, take all measurements into account before installing the fan. They should be about 8 feet away from the floor and around 12 inches from the ceiling. Second, ensure that the ceiling fan has a solid motor.

Classic fans with cheap motors tend to have loud noises and higher temperatures. However, purchase a fan that has a solid warranty. Most of the better fans, which include heavy duty motors, will come with a lifetime warranty. Third, ensure that the fan has quality blades. They are manufactured from wood, plastic, metal, acrylic and even cloth.

Be certain that the blades are sealed and properly treated so that they do not warp due to humidity, which will result in loud wobbly noises. Also make sure that they are installed at a 12-15 degree angle so that the best circulation is received. Anything lower will not provide the wonderful breezes that ceiling fans are so widely known for.

Yes, a ceiling fan is ideal for capturing those long needed cool breezes during summer. Just turn on the ceiling fan, sit down with a good book and enjoy the day. However, use classic fans during the winter months as well. A lot of people are either not aware of this fact or do not know how to get the desired temperature that is required to put them in the right comfort zone.

They have reversible blade rotation. The blades run counter-clockwise during the summer in order to get those cool crisp breezes that everyone is so accustomed to. However, classic ceiling fans can also run clockwise to circulate heat that is close to the ceiling.

Use them during the winter as a supplement with the home's existing heating system to properly circulate heat throughout the home. Remember that heat will rise to the top, which means that the blades will gently circulate heat when the blades circulate clockwise.

All in all, classic fans are wonderful fixtures for keeping homes cool during summer and also warm during the winter. They are a great supplements to the home's existing central air and heating systems that can provide comfort and save money.


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