Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Modcloth Swimsuits: Things that make you go "SAY WHAT?"

I love modcloth.com. 

They have super cute clothing, a nice price range, and an AWESOME return policy. (I mean free: no questions asked, 100% reimbursement, free shipping.) HOWEVER, in, what I can only assume is an effort to be less mainstream, they sometimes sell things that make me wonder if someone there has a cruel sense of humor. 

I. mean. honestly.
I am shocked this fine specimen didn't make an appearance in Napoleon Dynamite.

Has this designer ever been to the pool? It gets hot!  To be fair, though, this one is actually kind of cute for people who are allergic to the sun. (It's a thing. Look it up.)

I have so many questions! First and foremost: How long does it take to take this off and put it on when you go the the bathroom?

I have a theory. If an outfit doesn't flatter the model, the girl who they paid to look good in the clothes, don't buy it. Ever.

The cut is cute, but I just don't get it. It looks like Olive penguins:

Nooooot for pale people

They really are a great company with TONS of super cute clothes, but these were just so... interesting, they deserved a blog of their own.

Would you wear any of these?

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