Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kix Brooks' Vineyard: Arrington Vineyard

Before we said goodbye to my family for the Thanksgiving weekend, JL and I enjoyed one more family outing out to Arrington Vineyard, a local vineyard owned by Kix Brooks (from Brooks and Dunn). 

At this awesome vineyard you can bring your own food and listen to a live band playing (JL and I enjoyed dancing to Christmas music!), relax by the camp fire, or walk gardens. 

The club house

 Totally creeped on this cute couple and the lovely view
 My dad and lovely sister

 I'm pretty sure this could be in a magazine. LOVE my new camera!

 Yay Christmas!

 Lovely labels!

My mom and dad relaxing 

Jennifer grabbed the camera and snapped this cute one of us!

Lovely views, right?

JL and I considered going to California to tour vineyards for our honeymoon (real honeymoon pictures coming soon!), but ended up going to Ireland instead. Have you ever been to a vineyard?


Nicole Jeannette


Melanie said...

I don't think I've ever been to a real vineyard! I have to change that! These pictures are beautiful!! Such a cute pic of you and your hubby and the bench! =) Looks like a great day!!

Ergo - Blog

Nicole Jeannette said...

Thanks Chloe! You'll love it! It's so peaceful!