Friday, December 7, 2012

Jennifer's Birthday

My sweet sister Jennifer turned 23 earlier this week! As part of my gift I wanted to do something unique so we went to the Savannah Tea House for a little tea party of our own! Look at her cute little outfit!

At this lovely shop you order your food and tea and then you get to pick out your own tea cup.

 Check out the crazy flavors! They had everything from butterscotch, Versailles Earl Grey, to green cherry!

 This is the cup I chose

 My mom's choice!

 Look at this beautiful birthday girl!

Jennifer served the tea, but it was really hot!

 She's a model, am I right?


 After tea we ventured to The Cupcake Collection and shared an amazing sweet potato cupcake!

Later that night we went to Music City Flats and celebrated her party!

Happy Birthday little Jennifer!!!!


Jean Ramon said...

Magnifique! Fabulous birthday celebration with/for Jennifer and a perfect time with two such precious daughters!

Rachel said...

She is adorable! love her style!

April said...

Your sister is so beautiful! What a fun birthday!

Yelle said...

This little tea place is so lovely! I think it was the perfect idea for a birthday celebration! I so want to go to a tea shop like this now!