Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Truly Tennessean Thanksgiving

 This Thanksgiving JL and I had the pleasure of spending quite a bit of quality time with my sweet family!

On Thursday we "ran" our annual 5k Turkey Trot first thing in the morning! I didn't beat my record like I was hoping to but the old injuries from ballet were acting up and my hips were aching like a woman four times my age might. (Don't laugh. Ballet is NOT for sissies.) Besides, it was JL's first 5k and he's not much of a runner so we were happy to walk it together.

Afterwards we went home and enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving dinner, cooked by yours truly, complete with a crockpot turkey breast that was to die for, my infamous mashed potatoes (recipe to come), and enough cherry and pumpkin pie to feed a small army. 

After adequately gorging ourselves, JL REALLY wanted to experience Black Friday for the first time. I wasn't so keen on this idea, but when I found out that the doors opened at 9pm at Target, rather than 6am, I finally agreed. We were really happy to have Jennifer come with us and had a great time shopping.

Now, let me say that when we scored on Black Friday, I mean we scored hard. We got a pre-lit tree, a 50" TV for my parents, aaaaaand I got a new camera!!! Check out what this baby can do!

 Look at the 21x zoom!

 Check out this pretty new momma!

 His coat is getting so thick for the winter!

Another momma and her colt



 Oliver loved getting a walk with some new friends!

That's one happy puppy!

Then on Saturday we took a drive down to Lynchburg to check out the local scenery and offerings:

While none of us are whiskey drinkers, it was interesting to see the Jack Daniels distillery. 

 We ate lunch at a small local restaurant called the Barrel House BBQ

It was a very classy establishment. . . 

 But it was charming in a small-Tennessean-town kind of way

 And we do love BBQ

And so does our family!

Christmas tree? Barrels? Get it??

 Our tour guide

 The cave where the distillery from where distillery gets its water

 The Phillips-White Crew... and Jack.

And even though I don't brew whiskey, nor will I ever, I loved their motto! 

Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving as well!


Nicole Jeannette

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