Saturday, May 26, 2012


Last week I took a vacation day to canoe the Caney River! 

We had a blast! The weather was perfect, warm, but not TOO hot, and J. L. and I went with two of our best friends, Stephanie and Brandon. 

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I love J. L. for many reasons, but on that day it was because he knew how to steer the boat and I did not... turns out Wii canoeing does not prepare you for real canoeing.

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Pocahontas pose

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We made it!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Great Gatsby

Here's the official trailer!

I'm very interested to see how the movie compares to the book!

If you haven't, now's the time to start so you have plenty of time to consider the finer points of the novel before the movie. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Cry for Authenticity

I've been a little bit out of the blog world lately. Partially because I'm just that busy that I don't have time to sit down and write a blog, but, if I'm being honest, because I'm a little disheartened by it lately. I'm not targeting anyone specifically, but I'm getting tired of "the angle" and the desperate attempts to display a overly dramatized and fake persona that more and more bloggers seem to be going for.

I've read a lot of "How to get more followers" articles and they all have idea like bullet your points, use a number in your title (104 Reasons Why I Like How I Met Your Mother), and simple things like that. I guess there's nothing wrong with that, but here's the deal. Life doesn't always come in formulaic bullet points and if yours does, then maybe it's time to start living a little more dangerously.

I'm not suggesting we turn our blogs into pity parties or be afraid to go for a laugh here and there, but what do you think would happen if we stopped over dramatizing the mundane things in life and actually wrote/shared things that mattered?

I'm not trying to be the censorship police, but I am trying to challenge you a little bit. Think about it. Maybe this doesn't apply to you, but before you post, consider how hard you're trying to be funny or  to sound smart. Maybe, just maybe, it's time for you to put down your mask and start being real. Drop the "angle," drop the act.

I'll write a blog about it soon, but I recently attended Donald Miller's "Storyline" conference and he turned me on to Austrian psychiatrist Viktor Frankl. We are all familiar with Freud and his idea that the human seeks to find pleasure, and slightly less popular is another psychologist's theory that the human lives to seek power. Frankl suggested that power and pleasure are merely coping mechanisms human beings use when they can't obtain what they're really seeking, and that is meaning.

I, for one, whole heartedly agree with Frankl's theory. Without meaning, what's the point? I see SO many blogs and think, "Who the heck cares?" (Maybe people think that when they read my blog sometimes!) But if it matters to you, hey, keep on blogging. You're not living your life to please other people, but I do want to challenge you to blog about things that matter, to you or others, in a way that makes a difference.

Nicole Jeannette

Saturday, May 5, 2012

J. L. Graduated Today!

Today the class of 2012 said goodbye to Belmont University and J. L. was one of those graduates!
Although work wise this is traditionally my busiest season, my awesome staff of RAs has been so on top of things I was able to celebrate with his family and mine and we had a blast! 

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JL's graduation

Look at my hot husband-to-be!
 I love him so much!

How is your weekend going?


Nicole Jeannette