Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So I tried Hot Yoga

In an effort to tone up for the wedding, I have started taking more group fitness classes and I love them. Zumba is great. Awesome Abs is painful, but worth it. Restorative Yoga is very relaxing. I'm taking ballet classes over the summer (thank you Groupon) and recently I decided to try something that I thought would combine all of the above:

Yeah. Hot. Yoga.

What is Hot Yoga, you ask? It's a yoga classroom heated to 105 degrees. Yes. One hundred and five degrees. Have you ever wanted to try it? Here's what I thought:

The Good:
 I'll be honest and tell you that even though I thought I might die during the work out (see below), I felt AWESOME when it was over. Did you know that the human body rids itself of 1/3 of its toxins through sweat? The heat helped remove those toxins and the workout left me feeling that endorphin high we all love so much. I felt great the rest of the day and was even sore the next day from working out so hard.

The Bad:
It's really hot and really hard--at least the first time. Not only are you in 105 degree room, but you're doing a pretty intense workout! I will be honest and say that I had to take a few breaks. The studio suggests that you do not leave the room so that your body can acclimate to the temperature, so I just lied there. Everyone I've talked to says the first class is the worst, but that the classes become much more bearable with time.

The Ugly:
Where there is heat and a hard workout, there is a lot of sweat. Seriously. I'm not a very sweaty person and I was dripping. The men in front of my created a small pond around their mats. It was gross, so if you try it, I definitely recommend you bring a towel to go over your mat and then another towel to wipe off. 

J. L. bought me ten more sessions, per my request, for our anniversary, so I'll definitely be going back, but at least next time I'll be more prepared!
Even though it was tough, I'm really looking forward to going back!

How about you? Would you try it? Have you tried it? 


Nicole Jeannette


Rebecca said...

I love it because I feel like when my muscles are that warm, I can get a deeper stretch. The sweat is so gross though!

Unknown said...

I've thought about trying hot yoga, I'm just not brave enough to actually take the plunge.

Unknown said...
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hlpie said...

I did a month of it with my friend Kelly back in '09. We definitely did the no-eating-2-hours-before and drinking water like it was our job. I loved it, especially the early morning ones, but it's just so pricey. Worthwhile and really gets you feeling strong! Good for you for trying it!! The best advice I got was just to breathe deeply and that really helped my running too (and kept me from passing out in there!!) :)