Friday, March 23, 2012

The Story of My Name

It seems that at the beginning of any class, meeting or other gathering where a group of individuals gather for the first time there is a tradition in our culture where we all state our name, where we are from, what we “do,” and one fun fact about us. (Mine is always that I hate chocolate. People are always equally as shocked as the last bunch.)

However, this semester, at the beginning of one of my classes my professor asked us to tell the story of our name.

What? The story of my name? We all glanced around cautiously, suddenly thinking our professor was nuts and all secretly worried about what we had gotten ourselves into. I didn’t think my name had a story, but it turns out that it does have a story! Often our names are very connected with who we are, where our families come from, and say a lot more about us than you might think at first.

Here’s the story of my name:

My parents were so caught up in the joy of having their first child that they didn’t care if I were a boy or girl, they just hoped I was healthy. Apparently there is a wives’ tale that states that if a woman is caring the child higher up in her belly, it’s a boy. So, they had some boy names prepared. If I had been born male, I would have been Alexander or Nicholas. However, when I came a long, sans male parts, they chose to name me Nicole because they liked the meaning (victorious leader of the people) and thought I looked more like a Nicole than an Alexandra.

Jeannette was my maternal grandmother’s name and I was named after her. Oddly enough, her mother wanted to name her Ruth Jeannette, but the nurse in the hospital wrote Jeannette Ruth on her birth certificate, thus she was Jeannette. My mom’s name is Jeannie, and I plan to continue the line by naming my first born daughter Jeannette or Jeanne—we’ll see.

I’d LOVE to hear the story of your name! 

Please email me at nicolejeannette87 @ gmail {dot} com and I’ll post your story!


Elisha(: said...

Beautiful name!!! :)

Elisha(: said...

my whole name means water!!

Anonymous said...

My name derives from laurel, which is a plant, so I guess you could say my name means regrowth and perserverance. I guess it's fitting since plants need water and sun to survive, and I love bodies of water and how the sun plays off the earth at different times of day. My parents weren't thinking of that when they named me, though. I think they just liked the name. Ever since I read Ann Brashares' 'The Last Summer (of You and Me), I resonated so much with Alice, I began to feel like an Alice myself. After reading that book, I always feel like that name fits me better, but alas, I am Lauren.

Ann Marie said...

lovely! i love hearing where/how people got their names. i am named after a long line of women ancestors with the name "ann," and my mom just loved the sound of "ann marie"'s that simple, but it means so much to me to be named after women who are in my blood.

amourissima said...

My name is Blanche, said with a french accent.

In french, it means "white".

I always get asked about my name because you never here it, not even in Canada.

When I was born, my hair was white blonde so in turn, my name became "blanche". For the longest time, I thought that everyones name meant the color of their hair. Obviously that is not the case.

I like my name but it has it's issues. It's not good when meeting people for the first time in loud settings. I usually just tell them to call me "B"

It always gets mispronouced as well.

and that's that story!

Nicole Jeannette said...

I love hearing all of these stories! Blanche, I bet your name gets mispronounced all of the time, but it's so pretty with a French accent!

The White List said...

Your blog is amazing!!!! You are brilliant! Fantastic post! Have a brill day!

Nicole Marie said...

My names Nicole too! I'm not sure why my parents picked it. But I know my middle name is Marie because it's my mom and grandma's middle name

Nicole Jeannette said...

Marie is my mom's middle name too!

Nasia Papapaschali said...

My Parents Decided To Name Me Athanasia Which Means "Eternal Life". I Took The Name Of St. Athanasios, A Greek Orthodox Saint, This Is The Protector Of My Village Here In Greece. Apperently My Mother Had A Vision Of The Saint While In Labor( I was a difficult baby, I didn't want to come out I guess hehe) So She Prayed To The Saint And Next Thing She Knew....She Had Me! <3 Love your blog lady.