Friday, March 9, 2012

Sister Love

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I met my best friend on November 29, 1989 when she came into this world. Since then my sweet sister, Jenny Wren, has been my companion, confidante, and partner in crime. As I am on my trip out of state with a group from the university, I've had some time to reflect on what things at home matter the most to me and I realized that Jennifer gets very little attention for the amazing things she does and the wonderful person she is. 

Sweet and kind, but not afraid to speak her mind, Jennifer has always had a heart for serving and loving others. She's working to save up for graduate school to become a Christian psychologist so that she can work with the mentally ill to help them rediscover, or even create, a sense of reality, dignity, and what it means to be loved and appreciated. I'm sure her immense amount of patience and care will aid her in helping her patients.

In addition to being a very intelligent religion student and servant leader, Jennifer is also quite the fashionista. I'm constantly asking her what to wear and borrowing her clothes--even though not living together makes that difficult these days!

Look at this pretty girl!

I adore J. L. with all of my heart and definitely consider him my best friend, but Jennifer will always be my first and longest-standing best friend. I know that marrying J. L. will be a new chapter in all of our lives, but I'm so happy that I don't have to lose one best friend, just to gain another. I'm more than content with multiple "best" friends.

I'm so proud of the strong, yet gracious, women Jennifer has become and so honored to have her as my sweet sister. To us, "sister" has become a somewhat sacred word. We know each other as we have always been. We've seen the best and the worst of each other. We share secrets that only the other knows and more than sharing half of our DNA, sometimes if feels like we share one heart.

We've been to France together, lived together in and out of college, stolen pens from the local bookstore together (I was four, she was two. I stuffed the pens down her overalls. We got caught and had to return everything, thus ending our crime spree.), saved each other's lives (slight exaggeration, but it felt like it at the time), laughed, cried, and simply lived life together.

If you don't know Jennifer, this may seem a little bit gushy and over the top, but I wanted to take the time to publicly say that she means the world to me!

It's been a joy and such an honor to be your big sister, Jennifer! I hope you know how much you are loved and appreciated by me and everyone else you meet!

How about you, reader?
Who is someone in your life that you feel like you'd like to publicly appreciate more than you already do?

Nicole Jeannette


Rebecca. G said...

I appreciate Jennifer too! She is super beautiful and fantastic. <3

Laura said...

Totally accurate. :)

Nikskie said...

i do feel the same with my sister.we are so close.

Anonymous said...

Lovely post! You both are amazingly wonderful and I'm so thankful our life paths have crossed :)

Three said...

This made cry. What a lovely--and appropriate--ode to Jennifer, and sisterhood in general.