Sunday, March 25, 2012

Series: The Story of My Name--Sarah-Jane's Edition

Check out SJ's "The Story of My Name" post!
"My mother's pregnancy with me was an "accident." Already raising her first "accident" for 5 years and completely exhausted in the process, another child was the furthest thing from either of my parent's wish lists. So they planned, hoped and prayed for a boy, thinking a boy would bring some calmness and change after the endless storm of my hellion older sister, Jennifer. They even chose a name for me, David Benjamin. know the rest of the story. So they chose to name me Sarah-Jane. Sarah meaning Princess combined with my mother's name, Jane. I have always longed to achieve the nickname SJ but never have. I still cling to the dream though!"

Funny how both of our parents figured they'd have boys!
For some reason I think your parents lucked out! In my experience boys are far more rambunctious!
 I'll be happy to call you SJ! 
Want to share the story of your name? Email me at nicolejeannette87 @ gmail {dot} com and I'd be happy to post it! 


Forever Dream Photography said...

Loved SJ's post. Sadly as a parent, we actually thought each of our girls were boys when I was pregnant with them. We were wrong of course...both times haha. And very happy we were, we love our girls!


Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

I love this series! My mom actually named me after she dreamt a meeting with adult me–luckily, she got my name just right!

Dancing Branflake said...

What a sweet series!
And Lena- that is a freakin awesome story!