Thursday, March 1, 2012

Awkward & Awesome

  • Writing a blog post about how I'm going to blog more regularly and more in depth and then disappear for two weeks because school and work are taking over my life.
  • Tweeting "I always wonder if the actors in the Valtrex ads actually have herpes or just really wanted to get paid." Except not from my account. Oopsies...
  • When people change the subject and you think they're offering you some really big, exciting thing when they're not.
  • The realization that I'll be a quarter century old on my next birthday...
  • Spilling salsa on a shirt I JUST washed and having to go to a meeting without being able to change. Ugh. 
  • Doing drug searches. Say nope to dope, kids.

  • I'm going to New York on Saturday! It's my first time to the Big Apple and I couldn't be more excited! It's a mission trip event and I'm ready to serve with some of my students!
  • Dave Ramsey. I'm going to blog about this later, but J. L. and I have been taking his 13-week "Total Money Makeover" class and are really enjoying it! I've always been frugal, but now I'm learning how to actually manage my money and it's great.
  • J. L. and I booked our honeymoon! I'll share more about it later!! I'm so excited to take this trip with my boo.
  • Being this in love.
  • Graduate school. I'm really enjoying my poetry class and Writing and Social Issues class this semester. That said, I will never again work full time and take 6 hours at once. (SERIOUSLY)
  • Got my cute new Asics running shoes in the mail today! Thanks Zappo's!
  • Got a bonus check this week! 
  • Having a contest winner: Congratulations Stephanie M!



Rebecca said...

I need to take a class like that! Enjoy your time in NYC. My boyfriend lives there so I've been visiting a lot recently. Check out the High Line park if you have a chance oh, and Eataly is AMAZING.

Laura said...

1. That picture makes me smile.
2. I like you.
3. you can do it!!
4. Love the Happy Feet video. it reminds me of freshman year. Christine got me a poster. haha.