Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Creative Guest Book Ideas

We've all done it... we've gone to a beautiful wedding and signed a guest book, hoping the bride and groom will look back on your signature and well wishes with fondness for years to come. When the reality is that this poor guest book will really spend a lifetime on the bottom of a box in a state of complete neglect.

Thankfully, however, there are a few lovely options out there that, hopefully, won't suffer the same fate! I love these:

My friends Laura and Craig did this (they used two of them) and I love it!

A nice bottle of wine for you to open with your husband or wife on a special anniversary and look all of your friends will be with you! :)
My friend Micah did something like this and I think it makes a great coffee table book for years to come!
Not sure who "Queenie" is, but I love the idea of this! I've seen it where the bride and groom ask their guests to "leaf" their mark on the tree and then sign their name on it. Super cute, right?
I would love to hang this on my wall!

What's your favorite??

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Unknown said...

My best friend is getting married later this year. We too have been searching for unique guest book ideas that won't get put away and neglected. I love the letter and also the bottle of wine! Good luck choosing!

Anna @ IHOD said...

That vase is such a wonderful idea! All handwritten signatures really give the personal feel that makes it so special!

Natalie said...

Sadly, my guestbook has been sitting collecting dust for the last three years. I recently went to a wedding where the guest book was a a paint by numbers type of thing. Each guest got to paint a small section. The end result was very cool!

Laura said...

I love walking up the stairs every day and noticing a different signature/note on our frames! I literally look at it every day. I totally vote doing something like that. YAY. so excitinnnnng.

Laura said...

oh and PLUS it gave us an excuse to use our engagement photos :)

Eliz. K said...

We used a scrapbook that recorded our engagement story, all the plans leading up to the wedding, and other fun details. In the back was a section for the guest book-- it is such a treat to look through all of it. And I think the guests like looking at the earlier parts too. These are cute ideas, but I don't like wall-hangings generally, so the scrapbook was perfect.

Carlin said...

Jordan and I did the same thing Laura and Craig did, and I completely forgot that yall did it, haha. We did a traditional guest book at the wedding and then had two pictures set up at the reception. That way, we had signatures with our shower guests signatures. I will echo Laura. It's so nice to already have engagement pictures printed and framed in big frames to hang and to get to see all of those lovely notes. Whatever you choose will be fantastic:)

Nicole Jeannette said...

Thanks for all of the great input! I do love the signed mats!

Anonymous said...

I love the photo book idea and agree it would be perfect for a coffee table book!