Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Centerpieces for Spring and Summer

I think the only thing I may possibly love more than a wedding is a reception.
Centerpieces can make a bold statement and whether they are ornate or simple. 
Hope you enjoy some of my favorites for Spring and Summer weddings:
Simple, yet vintage. I love these mason jars with floating candles, glass beads at the bottom.

Carnations? I believe?

For the bride who loves sunshine yellow

Candle lit ceremony with a late night reception is would be perfect for these luminous centerpieces covered in lace

I think these would be so pretty at an early reception

Look at this beautiful arrangement!

More yellow

Love the clean, open feelings these give

Simple, yet I love the bold colors

Babies Breath

Look how classic and clean this looks

More nighttime centerpieces

Love this for the more traditional party

I think these would look great any time of day

Simple and clean single blooms
These are more winter colors, but I love the babies breath again!

Love these eclectic bouquets that could totally double as centerpieces.

Hope you got some great ideas from these!


Rebecca said...

I love the vases with fruit in them! What a fun burst of color!

April said...

These are gorgeous. I love mason jars!

Anonymous said...

OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE your centerpieces- you put together such a beautiful variety but keeping them all so classic and gorgeous! I love it!

Marie said...


***** Marie *****