Tuesday, November 29, 2011

French Party

My lovely friend Becka and I cohosted a lovely french-themed party.
Every other month or so we attend a wine class and our first one was wines from the Loire Valley and we loved it so much we wanted to host a party, so we did!

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The spread! Lots of homemade jams (my favorite was strawberry balsamic), brie cheese, french bread and croissants.

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I wrote out cute little sayings on cards in French and we placed them around the kitchen. They were a hit!

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I have the most handsome boyfriend 

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Jenny and AJ
We had an awesome time and next month we're going to try to do another country themed party! 
Can't wait!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


This Thanksgiving may have been my favorite Thanksgiving so far.  My dad, Jennifer and I got up early for our annual 5k Turkey Trot. This year the race benefited Grace Works Ministries, an organization that is very near and dear to our hearts.



Waiting for the race to begin after the a prayer was said and National Anthem was sung! It made the race feel like an official sporting event!
Dad and I crossed the finish line together

How cute is my dad?

We were very proud of ourselves after the race!

Team White 2k11
After the race, J. L. came over and we all worked together to prepare our meal while watching a little football. After eating we had planned to watch The Sound of Music (J.L. has never seen it and I'm not sure how we've been dating for almost 3 years and I didn't know about this travesty), but the DVD player wouldn't work, so we watched James Bond on TV instead. I think we all fell asleep at one point or another in the movie, but we did manage to get out for a walk around the farm to look for tinder before it got dark.


It's never a real trip down to the house unless we visit the twins!


We ended our night eating pumpkin pie around the fire pit and enjoying the beautiful weather.


I'm thankful for so many things, but I think I'm most thankful for all of the love and significant relationships I have in my life. This Thanksgiving really reminded me of that.

What did you do for Thanksgiving?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

6 Crafts I'm Dying to Try

I may or may not be mildly addicted to Pinterest.
That said, if you have an account, you're probably like me and pin a million crafts, but struggle to find the time to do them. 
Over the Christmas break, I'm going to do my best to do these six projects:


This may be a stretch, but I'm HOPING I can do this


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Acceptable Gender Behavior?: A Rant

The last few weeks I've seen this traveling around the interwebs with captions like, "So true!" "This is spot on!" "See? Calm down ladiez!" "This happens all of the time in my house!" "Awesome."

I'll be honest and tell you that this royally pisses me off. 

Yes,  I am aware that this may be how the two different genders operate internally and that this does happen, but let's really analyze this. What I'm reading is a story about a totally insecure little girl who never graduated 7th grade and a guy who is too ignorant to consider anything beyond his own scope of understanding--I feel this is far more pathetic than it is funny. 

Before you dismiss me as another crazy feminist, just humor me for a second. Should we really be laughing at this display of stereotyped gender miscommunication? Or should we learn from it? I vote the latter.

Men: I'm fully aware that of the two sexes, you're less in touch with you feelings and have a more difficult time expressing your thoughts. But I have only this say, if you want to be worthy of being with a woman who is your partner and not just your mother part II, stop acting like a glorified toddler. You have words. Use them. A few simple words of reassurance is all it takes to let your girlfriend or wife know that you care about her, but that you're frustrated about your motorcycle (or what haveyou), not her. Clearly she's upset, realize she's a human being worthy of communicating with and do it. Now. Was that SO hard? I get that Hollywood extols unintelligent males and it's become accepted behavior, but seriously, caveman, this is the 21st century, man up. The ball is in your court. Share what you're thinking about your wife instead of being withholding and then blaming her for her "psychotic behavior." It's time to grow up.

Women: If your thoughts are this wrapped around your man's every word, thought and move, you need to get a life. True, sometimes I worry unnecessarily about my own relationship, and monthly hormones don't help, but seriously. Take a deep breath and realize that God created you to be your own person and not your husband's keeper. If you're dating someone who is withholding like this, guess what he'll be that way when you get married. If it's too much to handle now, it will only get worse, so turn your gaze to greener pastures. However, if you're already married, it's time to talk to you husband. Don't be a nag. No one likes a nag. But explain to him that you married him because you love him and respect him and because you respect him so much you value his thoughts and feelings. Marriages are only hurt by lack of communication and even if it's unrelated or unimportant, let him know that acting like a pouting child and not telling you what's going on is not going to fly. If he says everything is fine, he's probably telling the truth, but let him know early on that you are marrying a man and not a child, therefore, you expect him to act like one. Then, get a hobby. Let him be a man, step up or not, and don't nag him, but realize your happiness and who you are does not depend on your husband's behavior. 

There. Now I feel much better.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Nobody Knows I'm Naked

I have had a reoccurring dream for quite sometime--since childhood, really. Sometimes it occurs in places I know and sometimes places I've never been. Sometimes it involves people I know and sometimes, often times, I'm surrounded by strangers. Either way, it's always the same dream.

In this dream, a group of people are always calling to me to come play with them in a swimming pool (last night, it was in Greece overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and it was glorious) and despite the fact that I normally would never just jump into a pool, I do so willingly and happily. We play volleyball or splash around a bit, enjoying the refreshing, cool water until I realize I have a little huge problem. 

I'm naked. 
100% au naturel.

I momentarily freak out trying to remember what happened to my clothes. I had my clothes on when I got into the pool, where did they go?? I wrap my arms around my body doing my best to cover the essentials and hope that the ground swallows me up. However, when I look around, no one seems to notice. 

I splash around a little and even keep playing and no one... and I mean not a soul, seems to notice my appalling display of public nudity.

I'm always curious to know if when I reemerge from the pool if I'll be clothed, but I've never made it that far... stupid alarm clock. Anyway, it really got me thinking about what this could mean and if I'm right, I think a lot of people experience this same issue:

To me, the water signifies a new environment and the fact that I always dive right in without hesitation implies spontaneity, which, as a planner, sometimes stresses me out.
The absence of my clothing evokes a feeling or fear that an insecurity or vulnerability will be revealed before I'm ready and I could possibly be ostracized for it. To me, the whole dream is a metaphor for a subconscious fear that while I'm enjoying life and continually moving out of my comfort zone, I may encounter some element of the unknown and won't know what to do when I'm thrown into a new environment. What's worse, I'm apparently terrified that someone will figure out that I don't know what I'm doing and call me out. But, like I said, no one ever even notices.

While as a child I couldn't get over the fact that Dream Nicole was exposed in public, as I've matured I've come to realize that it's not the actual nudity that makes this dream so memorable. It's the fact that even when I feel most vulnerable and afraid, people probably won't notice if I'm just confident enough to realize that I belong there just as much as anyone else, regardless of my feelings about myself. I bet the same goes for you!

Maybe you spend time actively thinking about your fears, rather than dreaming about them, but so many of us are afraid of looking like a fool in given situation that we're afraid to leap and end up spending our lives poolside.

Dive in. The water is perfect.