Thursday, September 8, 2011

Being Extraordinary

Virgina Wolfe

Virginia Wolfe wrote of her need to kill her "angel in the house." As she wrote, this little angel whispered to her to calling her to write, say and do what only "good" girls should. A good girl does everything that is expected of her. This prevented Virginia from doing the work she felt compelled to do and therefore this angel needed to die.

Over the past few weeks, I've been working on smoking out and killing own my angel. 

Like most women, unfortunately, I get this crazy idea in my head that my life needs to be entirely acceptable, if not agreeable, to everyone... ever. I sometimes find myself basing important life decisions on what I think other people would think and not on what I know is right for me. My angel whispers doubts into my mind ears, "What if you fail?" She then reminds me of every person I've ever known that has treated me poorly and suggests, "What would they think? Perhaps you're better off taking it easy and not causing any waves."

But I say, enough with that! I'm ready to make waves and be who God always created me to be, not what my house angel, or any other critic, has to say. Hope you'll do the same and be an extraordinary person no matter what anyone expects of you because that is what you, and I, were meant to be!


Laura said...

this makes me happy. you are going to do great things!

Nicole said...

hey friend!
thanks for stopping by our little bloggity blog and for saying hey! i hope you come and stay a while!

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...


Nitzalie said...

So much more fun to make waves, don't you think? love your blog:) and thanks for stopping by mine. My Peanut is much better, thanks <3

Unknown said...

i'm really feeling this post as i've recently taken hold of my life and decided to do what is best for my...well my own mental health! best of luck being yourself!

Some Korean Website Highjacker said...

many blessings on this new way of being. good for you on finding your own way to smoke out those angels and re-working your life this way. especially poignant on today of all days.

your 9/11 tribute was beautiful. i remember that day like yesterday. it was almost like you could feel those souls swirling the earth. incredibly sad, i pray for all the loved ones who lost in that horrific happening. be well and stay bright! ♥

Unknown said...

This is a great point! I agree that it is most purposeful to live life to your own needs and not others, this usually results in more happiness!!