Thursday, July 28, 2011

Do you Pinterest?

Hey All,

I started using to distract myself to collect all sorts of fun pictures, recipes and tutorials and "pin" them on my online bulletin board. I love it! My poor computer is so junked up with pictures, both mine and ones I find, and other things that I'm moving over to storing things online! It's so nice!

Look at this creative storage idea I found

Next haircut?

Looks delicious and the recipe is on the website!

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See you there!


Mary Nevin said...

i adore pinterest, i'm already following your amazing boards :)

Unknown said...

i'm addicted to pinterest. i go straight there after i check my email and blog. haha. it's kinda becoming a problem.

xoxo, jamie

Call it Adventure said...

Without pintrest, my blog posts would not be half of what they are! I love that site and all the brilliant ideas it gives me. :)

Regi:Create said...

I'm dying for an invite!

Ashley Lane Hamlin said...

I'm obsessed! I think I might need to restrict myself! I'll go follow now! :)