Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Back from the Dead... Or So to Speak

Last week I got really sick. No, I mean, really sick. Sick as in you call your mom to see how many mg of a certain medicine you can take and instead break down into tears because you're so exhausted from coughing, throwing up and shaking with fever. That kind of sick. Yuck.
Thankfully, I'm doing much better! It didn't help that last week and this week are CRAZY at work and I also had a grad school interview (GOT IN, BTW! I'm going to try this program out for a semester and if I don't love it I'm going to switch, we shall see.) But I had excellent caretakers--my beloved sister, Jennifer, and amazing boyfriend, J.L. 

I'm thinking of taking a little break from the blog for a while, I need to focus on some other things for now, but will pick it back up before too long!

(for now)