Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Happy List

Here's a few things that have made me REALLY happy lately:
  • Finishing one very important essay
  • Finally getting a phone that works
  • Drinking a cup of tea with no sugar and enjoying it
  • Puppy kisses
  • Sleeping in on Saturdays
  • Mango salsa
  • Lunch with friends and boyfriend during the workweek
  • Getting organized
  • Having time to read
  • Singing harmonies with my sister
  • My sweet boyfriend
  • All of this sunshine
  • The Contributor 
Today was a stressful day at work... to say the least.
There was a bomb threat at our school that turned out to be fake, but sweeping a building for a bomb is probably the scariest thing I've done... ever.
 Good is good, my friends, and I'm so thankful for the little blessings like these things on my happy list.

What's on your list?


    Caroline said...

    I completely understand what it feels like to finish an important essay. YAY for you!! XO.

    Claire Kiefer said...

    What a sweet post! I recently gave up sugar in my coffee, and now I'm so used to it that it doesn't even bother me. My happy list includes green monster smoothies, regular exercise, and the promise of summer (I'm a high school teacher and so excited for our break!).

    PhotoPuddle said...

    We've been having lots of lovely sunshine here at the moment too. A bit of sun always lifts my mood! Thank you for your comment on my blog. You have a lovely blog too - especially the header, that is just so pretty!!

    Johanna said...

    Hi hi! These are all fatastic happy things. I'd have to say that lately mine would be: riding my bike to work, vacation on the horizon and seltzer water with pom juice. :)

    Olivia Grace said...

    What a great list!!! We've been spending every waking moment outside so being barefoot is at the top of my list!

    Unknown said...

    Sounds like a stressful and scary day. I'm glad everything turned our alright.
    Many of those things make me happy too. Especially having the time to read =]

    Joy said...

    sunshine & puppy kisses-- best cures!

    Renata said...

    Was it the contributor I saw everyone distributing on the sidewalks in nashville? i had a tough time getting a straight answer from anyone. if so,i was so impressed by the cheer and brilliant attitudes of the vendors.