Wednesday, May 4, 2011

DIY Office Art

So, I have a nice big office with a window, a shelf, a couch and I love it... except for the fact that it's all white and super boring.

So, this is phase one is decorating:

Paper Cranes

I found a bunch of origami cranes for $1 per box (about 40 sheets) and I bought 2.

I learned how to fold them by watching this:

(This guy is intense!)

And I got a few of these guys:

As you can see, I also bought some translucent thread ($2.50) and found a container of various sizes of quilting needles.

String each crane through the top of the midsection and tie the knot at the ends like so:

Once you've done several of these, make sure to do them at various lenghts so your cranes won't all be in a straight line.

Using scotch tape, place a small piece of tape at the knot and lightly push up the ceiling tile and tape on the top (unseen) part of the frame. Pull ceiling tile back down and rinse and repeat!

Here's what just a few look like:

Since I took this picture, I've added several more and extended them out a bit, but play with it and I bet you'll love watching the boring corners in you office or home take flight (bahahaha, you know you laughed.)

Total cost: $4.50


Kelsi said...

Love this idea! I saw photos online of a wedding that was decorate with a thousand of these. So pretty!

Unknown said...

Oh my gosh that's awesome! I've always wanted to make those! Haha all I've ever known how to make were paper planes to throw in class. hmmm how serious of me, I know.

Sarah said...

This is a lot of fun, I always wanted to make those!