Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day Trippers -- ATL Edition -- Part 2

While in Atlanta, on our way to the Georgia Aquarium, we stumbled across a really cool Purina dog show in Centennial Olympic Park!

We decided to get our tickets and head back over to watch the show for a little bit:

 In this contest, they were testing to see which dogs could jump the farthest into a pool of water.

 Look at this one go!
Did I mention there was a juggler?
We had so much fun! It was definitely the best way I've ever killed an hour!

If youtube will stop being so difficult, I'll put up some of the videos I got of dogs doing free-style Frisbee tosses with their owners.

Stay tuned for more!


Mary Nevin said...

awesome. i saw all the shenanigans last weekend but had no idea it was a dog show. so cool to see these atlanta posts!! :) Happy Weekend!!

CarrieJo said...

so so so fun! :)