Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday (on Saturday)

1.   My biggest accomplishment in life thus far is   discovering myself and BEING myself. I feel it really took losing myself to find myself, but I've been able to accomplish so much, love so deeply and live so fully since I discovered what it meant to be myself and not being afraid to be that woman. Also, but no less importantly, the relationships I've cultivated. I'm proud of the way I treat my friends and that makes me feel good. 

2.  My favorite place to sit in my house is   my living room!

3.  My fashion philosophy is  in still being formulated! I'm all about the classic clean look, but working on refining my look at the moment.

4.  Something every girl should have is   a nice sleek pair of black stilettos.

5.  If you looked in my purse right now you'd find....   way too much stuff. Whatever I'm reading at the moment, my giant wallet, pink bag of random things like hair ties and chapstick, Dr. Scholl's Flats in a Flash, my camera, my flip camera and a bunch of other random stuff. It weighs about as much as a small child and causes neck pain, but oh well. It's cute and functional.

6.  My favorite music right now is  I'm still loving The Civil Wars, NEEDTOBREATHE, and Mumford and Sons presently. 

7.  My favorite part of my body is  my smile (I realize that's not one part, but we'll just go with it. And my hair. I love my hair.

Happy Friday all!! To join in visit  The little things we do


Signe said...

Oh I love Mumford and Sons - does not et much better than that!
And a happy Saturday night to you :)

Diana Mieczan said...

Such a sweet post and my favourite room in my house is the kitchen:) Wish you a lovely Monday, my dear

That Girl in Pearls said...

I could not agree more with your first answer!! It totally took losing myself to really and truly find myself. How amazing right? I feel like everyone needs to let go, get lost and come back stronger, don't you?

Hope you have a wonderful day!

That Girl in Pearls