Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beiber Appreciation

 Okay, I fought it and I haven't even seen "NEVER SAY NEVER," but  you have to admit, love him or hate him... this is probably the most precious thing ever:


Laura said...


seriously. i will go with you and see it a 2nd time. then you, too will be a Belieber.

love you!

kenzie said...

you know, its funny. i remember like, two years ago, getting a youtube video of the cutest little kid singing and playing guitar. and thinking oh my gosh, he's SO good. now i'm just annoyed. i think the gold chains and flashy music videos and the "fever" is to blame. poor little beiber!



Diana Smith said...

The kid sure has talent!! I will give him that, but he is so darn annoying haha

Jenni Austria Germany said...

um ok i'm kind of obsessed with this now. SO talented.