Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Allergy Season

Happy end of the work week, Friends!
We're almost to Friday!
My allergies have been driving me crazy lately and I have been feeling a lot like these guys:


Hope you're enjoying Spring weather if you're experiencing yet!
I also hope your allergies aren't driving you too crazy!


Kate said...

Those pictures are hilarious! I know what you mean about allergies. For us here they are just starting for the season and I am already over it.

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you sister! I feel the same way! Here visiting via~lemonade blogs :)

I write said...

The pics are hilar!!! Oddly enough, we have been feeling the SAME way over here. Bunchkin has terrbile allergies and we've been growing weary of breathing treatments. In a moments notice, I go from sounding like a woman to sounding like a man! What in the world???

Anonymous said...

Hey, just stumbled across your blog! These pics are so funny. My allergies are starting to get worse too... ICK.

Unknown said...

God Bless you! It's not quite allergy season yet where I am, but my nose is starting to twitch a little bit more the more it thaws out. Hope your allergies are a thing of the past soon!

Ashley said...

I kind of wish my allergies were bothering me. At least the weather would be warmer and I'd be happier. ;]

Diana Mieczan said...

Ohh Im so sorry! My Balazs has a very hard time with the allergies too. Those photos are so cute. Have a great day