Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fair Trade Chocolate

Do you love chocolate? 
I'm just gonna take a shot in the dark and say yes, or OH YES!

Well, not to be Debbie Downer, but did you know that most of the chocolate sold in the United States is actually produced by slaves?

Yeah. Child slaves.

Not so sweet anymore, right?

Boys around 12-16 are taken from their homes, whether sold or forced, forced to live in inhumane conditions and work day and night for you to enjoy that oh-so-delicious cherry cream filled truffle. In fact, more than inhumane conditions, they are abused and often die with in a few years of working on a plantation.
So, does this mean that you're now forced to give up chocolate forever or live with the guilt of knowing what you're eating could have caused a child to die?

Good news: 
You can absolutely still enjoy your favorite dessert!

Here's the thing though, make sure your chocolate is Fair Trade!

What does Fair Trade mean?
Basically, the owners of plantations are transparent about their hiring practices, pay workers fair wages and treat their workers with the respect and care that we have come to expect in the US.
Sometimes it's a little bit more expensive, but when you realize that the small amount that you save is costing someone else his life, for me it's an easy choice. 

Remember, you have the ability to stop human trafficking!
By refusing to support slavery and by telling big companies like Hershey that you're serious about Fair Trade chocolate, voice by voice you can make a big difference! 

Let's go for it! Let's make chocolate sweet again!

Want to learn more about the reality of human trafficking? Click here to read an old post!


Mary Nevin said...

so happy to see such an educated and poignant post in the blogosphere on the issue of fair trade. just beautiful!! thank you so much for sharing your amazing perspective :)

Claire Kiefer said...

Thanks for posting this--these issues are so important. Same goes for coffee; I only buy fair trade coffee. You're awesome for spreading the word!

Nicole Jeannette said...

Thanks girls :) Claire, I'm planning on doing a post about fair trade coffee too. Way to go! I love that you care about freedom too!

Suse said... eye-opener, indeed. Will be conscientious going forward and thanks for enlightening me. Any suggestions for vendors?

lindsay said...

yes thank you for spreading the word. knowning things like this definitely makes you think twice about the things we eat and purchase.

being vegetarian is an important thing for me and this just opens my eyes up to so much more!

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing this! it's so important to be aware of such things so we don't give into it with out knowing! I make sure my coffee is fair trade too!

Abigail said...

thank you soooo much for posting this! i'm so glad there are folks out there who are mindful of the impact our purchases have on others. p.s. thanks for the comment and i am in LOVE with your blog (my first visit to nashville also happens to be this weekend :) ).

Alely said...

wow, i do love chocolate and i didn't know this. thanks for posting. i will be more aware of the fair trade certified chocolate.

here from FTLOB! love your blog. i'm your newest follower. happy to meet you.

Unknown said...

Ok first off I LOVE your banner! Soo cute.

And as far as chocolate I only eat fair trade. This saddens my heart that we actually support stuff liek this as US citizens here, thanks for posting this!

HettyA said...

This stuff is so sad and what's worse is some people choose to look the other way when they hear about stuff like this.

Raj said...

Such a great post
Fair trade is the way forward!
So refreshing to see somebody getting the message out there

Lara said...

yikes-- i never would have thought that. thanks for pointing that out :)
i'll definitely pay more attention to stuff like this now.

Anna @ IHOD said...

Wow, that is soo crazy. I am so glad I read this and will be looking more into it.
Have a great week~

Sonja said...

This is a really really great post!!!
I used to be more careful, and I feel like I've become a bit more careless and just try and buy things that are convenient, but it's so worth it to take a second and make sure that you are making a smart choice.
Thank you for the reminder :o)