Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Personality Test

As part of my new job, I've had to participate in a lot of (very long) staff orientation meetings, but they've been surprisingly fun.

My favorite one was about communication and in it I (re)took the Myers Briggs test and remembered why I think these tests are so cool. I just think the concept of understanding self and how that translates into effective communication is fascinating, but I digress.

I found that I am an ENFP.

Extrovert (28)
Intuition (9)
Feeling (26)
Perceiving (3)

Here's a quick description:
  • Curious, creative and imaginative
  • Energetic, enthusiastic and spontaneous
  • Keenly perceptive of people and of the world around them
  • appreciative of affirmation from others; readily express appreciation and gives support to others
  • Likely to value harmony and goodwill
  • Likely to make decisions based on personal values and empathy with others
  • Usually seen by others as personable, perceptive, persuasive an versatile 
After discussing my personality a little bit more, but and I was happy to learn that, professionally at least, I've learned to compensate for my weaknesses like my tendency to feel a little bit scattered, have trouble saying "no," thus feeling over committed and work with deadlines--which was very encouraging. It surprised me that most of my previous supervisors all described me as detailed oriented and well organized, even though that's not naturally my thing. 

I really enjoy looking into my personality and other people's personality and  seeing how they fit together for a greater story. I love it. 

Interested in learning a little bit more about yourself? 

Let me know what you got!


Jenni Austria Germany said...

just took it. INF. 57, 25, 25. whatever that means :)

Christianna said...

I got:

Extraverted,Sensing, Feeling, Judging
Strength of the preferences %
56 38 62 22

Sarah said...

I love tests like these but I feel like they don't give me the most accurate answers! I'm always like "yeah, but..." They're never totally true about me and it drives me crazy! Hahaha!

Raji said...

Oh wow this sounds like so much fun
I have to go try it out

Meri said...


Fun! I hadn't done this in a few years :)

Jenna Brucoli said...

I love these things...looks like we have a similar disposition, haha. ENFP for me too.

Anonymous said...

I love tests! I've never taken this one but I'm huge into whatever makes you reflect and get to know you a whole lot better! ... Cute blog, loved the graphics, and those V-day cards are lovely!


Three said...

Weren't you something else before? I've always been ENFP, but I thought you were the same as Dr. P... io non so. :-)

Nicole Jeannette said...


I thought so too! I was surprised, but I couldn't remember what I was before! What is Dr. P's? I think I was an ENFJ? Is that his?


CarrieJo said...

Funny that you just posted this...my small group is doing it this week and discussing this weekend!

I am hosting a giveaway that I think you might enjoy!