Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The One Where She Gets a Big Girl Job

This is kind of weird to blog about because even though I have an active blog, twitter and facebook, I do try to keep at least some of my private life, well, private, but I wanted to share because I'm so relieved and this has been such an interesting/frustrating/scary/growth-filled/all of the above journey.

For those of you who are out of college, you probably know how it feels. However, those of you who have yet to graduate, let me tell you--getting a job right now is no cake walk. ESPECIALLY if you're like me and got your degree in a generic Humanities area like English (and no, I'm not and never have felt called to be a teacher.)

While I've technically been working full-time since graduation in May, I haven't had a firm this-job-will-be-here-for-you-as-long-as-you-need-it job until now. My first job was working out of my home for a company in Texas where I just basically wrote everything they needed to be written (in a nut shell) and I'm currently currently interning (it's paid) in a nearby town at a PR firm. The first job paid well and was fun, but I am somewhat of a social butterfly and felt like I was dying sitting home alone and the distance proved to be an issue. The second job has been wonderful as well, but they can't hire anyone else right now, so this was a temporary job/learning experience. That plus a lot of freelance writing work on the side. Since I finish my internship December 17th, I have been stressing about finding a permanent job--stressing big time.

HOWEVER, two weeks ago my old boss from Residence Life contacted me out of the blue and told me that there was a spot open on his staff if I was interested in applying. (I refrained, but felt like yelling, YES!)

I'll skip all of the details, but basically I went in for two interviews: one preliminary and the other with a panel, a test (called an in-tray exercise) and then a meeting with the Associate Provost and Dean of Students. Long story short: I loved them, they loved me, I passed the background check because the last time I stole something I was five and now I have a job!

Perks? Oh yes:
  • Management experience
  • New apartment
  • No rent/utilities (although I'll pay mine with my sister until she gets a roommate)
  • Master's Degree: 80% off. 
  • Awesome staff/positive environment
  • Get to work with/influence some of the brightest and hardest working student leaders on campus
  • Normal things -- Salary and Benefits
  • Flexible schedule which hopefully translates to ability/time to work on my book
I'm just so excited! :) It feels so good to finally have my hard work pay off and I'm excited to have a job I know I'll love. After Christmas I'll move into my on-campus apartment and begin managing a team of 8 RAs. I'm so thrilled.


All that being said, I write all of this partially to celebrate, but also to encourage anyone going through a tough time--especially if you're having trouble finding a job or are unhappy in your current one. I literally sent out hundreds of cover letters and resumes and while I came close, I never quite got the job I wanted. It may sound dumb, but it made me feel worthless. I realize how incredibly stupid that is, but let's face it, rejection hurts, especially when you know you would have been great in that position. I know that I'm smart, hard working, friendly and have never once in my life had trouble in a work position, but I still felt like crap.

That said, I want to encourage you to remember God has you in the place you're in for a reason. Looking back I can already see how perfectly everything has aligned, but more importantly, I think I got a healthy amount of time to practice patience and trust that God would provide. (I have never aced these subjects...) That AND I needed to learn/remember that who I am and my worth does NOT come from a job or a relationship or how much money I have and I just want to remind you that neither does yours. You're value as a person doesn't go up or down in relation to how others feel about you.

Remember, no matter what: You're valuable. You're worth it. You're smart. You're beautiful. You're perfect and lovable just the way you are at this very moment.


AbbieBabble said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so excited for you!

chelsea rebecca said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! seriously thats so awesome! GO YOU!

Chaucee said...

Congrats Nicole! You are PERFECT for the job. Seriously.

Unknown said...

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Amber Schmidt said...

I am so proud of you!!!
Gosh, I'm already terrified of what happens after college. You are an inspiration miss!

kenzie said...

ahhh, thank you for this post. it was like you wrote it for meeeeee! i graduated last year and i've seriously just been bumming around, having no luck and losing ALL hope in finding 'that' job. i'll keep fighting the good fight, im glad it has all worked out for you!!! yay!

Amy Seager said...

Gorgeous blog!



Jenni Austria Germany said...

real jobs scare means the transition to adult life is complete, with no turning back.... but i also secretly want one sometimes....congrats :)

Red Boots said...

Yay! Congratulations on your job - that is so exciting! x

lindsay said...

congrats to you girl!!!! i have no idea how i missed this post?!? i am so very happy that things fell into place for you and that you will be somewhere you absolutely love! i hope that you will update us on your new adventure!

congrats again darling.


Micah said...

Congratulations Nicole! So are you the new Sam? Haven't quite kept up with the people from ResLife. I understand how you were feeling to some degree - many of the same thoughts passed through my head in the "what if i don't get a job?" moments. God continues to teach me that he is faithful and able to provide more than we know.

P.S. Glad to see that unlocked apartment didn't go down on your permanent record ;)

Nicole Jeannette said...

Thanks for the congratulations everyone! I really appreciate it! :)

And Micah, NO KIDDING haha I wondered about that!

Roxy Te said...

You'll figure it out! That's what our 20's are for...trial and error, experience, and one day- ta da! We'll be right where we're supposed to least my fingers are crossed ;)