Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Puppies!!

Because, really now, what's better than Christmas AND dogs!?
In Joy, Enjoy.
American Eskimo puppies! I had two American Eskimos (Mindy and Mandy) while I was growing up! Best dogs ever!

Who doesn't love a sleeping puppy?

You didn't think I'd leave out a dachshund, did you?

Look at that face!

Hahaha :)
I know they're not puppies, but look how pretty!!!

They're hugging! How cute!! We used to have Huskies and they are GREAT pets!
We got my little Oliver a reindeer suit and I'll have to dig it up and take a picture to share :)
Hope this made you smile!


Liberty said...

This made my day. Sometime you just need puppy pics to remind you that there is a lot of good in the world =D


Liesl said...

Super cute!!!

Liesl :)

Unknown said...

i love puppies!! too bad the mister and i are in an apartment... just mischevious cats for now...


Anna @ IHOD said...

Hi Nicole!
Thanks for stopping by! I absolutely love this post! My dream is to give my son a puppy under the Christmas Tree one day:)