Friday, July 30, 2010

My visit to Mayberry

Okay, so I didn't actually go to Mayberry, but I was grateful to be able to spend a week with my wonderful boyfriend this summer (ahh, the perks of working from home...) in his oh-so-small hometown in Illinois. I love the show Andy Griffith and as I met a lot of his family, friends, and family friends during a small birthday party held for his cousin, I was reminded of the show constantly!

I didn't want to be rude and keep my camera out the whole time, but I felt like I couldn't pass up sneaking at least a few shots of this all-American, Mayberry-esque hurrah.

J. L. and I enjoyed some time on the porch swing before the party started. 
I've always loved porch swings and have officially added one to my future dream home! 

I loved the details that went into this porch!

And probably my favorite part of the whole trip was this little 10 lbs dachshund named Magic. She's very old and her pet parents let her roam around when she wants, but she gets tired quickly and enjoys resting in her stroller. How hilarious is THAT?

Right before dinner was served a storm and I was particularly pleased with this shot right outside the garage.

Is this not Mayberry circa 2010? I think so.

I enjoyed the company of such sweet and unassuming people. They were all very kind and I had a great time.


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