Thursday, March 18, 2010

Disney World's Epcot in a Day! Part I

For Spring Break I was SO happy to have received a FREE ticket to Disney's Epcot Center. Yes, free! You can get one too by clicking here and simply volunteering a few hours of service! (We volunteered at We had a wonderful visit and, although it was just a day, it was wonderful! 

Here's the first batch of pictures! More to come!! 

Look who we saw in Disney World?
And isn't that tea cup cool? They had several like that with traditional plants grown for tea!

Look out for more to come! :)


Kim @citygirlinak said...

that is so awesome! i've never been to Disney World...or Disney Land for that matter. someday. can't wait to see more pictures!

chelsea rebecca said...

oh my goodness how fun!!
i've been meaning to volunteer through that program!
and that tea cup is too cute!
can't wait for the second batch of photos!

Courtney Jane said...

I just got REALLLLLY happy after reading this post..

disneyland changes lives, affirms dreams and pumps out some damn good churros.

Cinnamon said...

That tea cup is really cute. It would make a cute centerpiece at an event.

kelly ann said...

SO FUN! disney = completely magical. even as a grown up. :) i went to disneyland last week and i always, ALWAYS feel like such a kid. the moment i walk through the gate. it's wonderful. :)

AbbieBabble said...

That cup of tea is so cool. I want one for my house!

Seattle Kim D said...

That looks SO fun!!! Left you a little award on my blog. :)

Jean Ramon said...

Fun times!

monica said...

I am jealous.. Ive never been to DW!!!! And you got to see Belle too? Lucky!!!


Ashley Lynn Fry said...

Yay! The Husband & I were here back in November... it was my first time & I had a blast! Epcot was definitely my favorite park as a whole... we drank our way around the world & had a huge German dinner in Germany... I should really post some of the photos since I haven't posted a single one & I have over 1100!!