Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rockstar and I

Last night was so much fun! J. L. was a rockstar and I was so proud of him! 
Check out the song he wrote for me and get it for FREE!

Click here for his free download of Anytime!

This was me, Jess, and Laura before the show. Very excited :) 

Also, check out J. L.'s  myspace

The songwriters!

After the show was over we hung out with Matt Wertz for a while and I have to say he is a really genuine guy! I'll post a videos from the night when I figure out the whole youtube thing... :) 

In other news...
I have a big interview tomorrow. Pray, cross your fingers, and send happy thoughts!


I won an award! Thanks so much to Cali Bird for this award :)

She has a wonderful blog and you should click the link and check it out!


kathleen said...

Soo cool! Xoxo!

Chloé said...

that is so sweet he wrote you a song!! and good luck with the interview!!

my name is lauren. said...

i'll have to check out the song he wrote for you later when i'm at my laptop which actually has speakers :). so sweet.

good luck with the interview!

Elizabeth said...

Good interview vibes sent your way :)

Nicole Jeannette said...

I had the interview! I *think* it went well!

Rose Red said...

How sweet to have a song written just for you.

Good luck on your interview.

brittany barney said...

how fun im so happy that it went well. oh and your button is gorgeous! i love it! how did the interview go? i hope well! youve been in the prayers! congrats on the blogger sward! cali bird gave it to me too! i couldnt believe it! you are lovely, have a lovely day!
britt {whimsy}

Ducks Like Tea said...

Aw it's sweet he wrote you a song :).

Cali said...

How amazing you got to meet him & he seems like a very down to earth guy! I listened to him a lot in high school, aww the good ol' days. Thanks for the shout out about my blog, it has completely made night.

my name is STEPHANIE said...

havent had a chance to listen to the song yet but that is so freaking awesome. i was looking at that little group pic and was like... that guy looks JUST LIKE matt wertz. then i scrolled down. hah.

Deny Binsar Mangisi said...

hi visit and follow please.
nice to meet u^

Lindsey said...

What a cute little blogger you are.

So, how'd the interview go?