Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Operation Craig & Laura Forever

SO, one of my best friends got the surprise of her lifetime this Valentine's Day.

Craig proposed to Laura!

However, what she didn't know that I knew the whole time! Craig approached me in early January and asked me if I would *mind* helping him pick out a ring.  (Would I mind? What kind of a question is that?) With a big smile and a childlike squeal I said yes!

So, after asking around, Craig made the decision to go to Shane & Co. in Cool Springs.
Craig knew Laura wanted a white gold ring, but other than that, he didn't have any direction. Thankfully, I was crafty and found out what she liked and we told the oh-so-helpful Brian who pointed us in the right direction.

(Turns out he was born in the same hospital as me! Yay Aurora, Colorado!)
After looking at several rings that fit under the guidelines, Craig spotted THE one. And this one came with a matching wedding band (when I heard them say "wedding band" it really hit me they're getting married not just getting engaged!) Next we picked out the diamond and the halo to go around it.
This was the end result:

I was so surprised how quickly the whole process went! We were probably only there for two hours, but with all of the help we got and a good idea of what we wanted it wasn't hard. I was so pleased because this ring felt "very Laura." 

Craig was pleased too :)
So after purchasing it came the wait...

Craig emailed me and called me a lot over the next few weeks. He was nervous and the toll of keeping this secret from Laura was really hard on him (precious). We planned that Laura and I would get our nails done the day before so she could have nice looking nails for the pictures and a few other things. While getting our nails done, Laura told me that she hoped that Craig wasn't going to get her anything "too big" because she got him the This Is It DVD for Valentine's Day. I just nodded and smiled and said, "Yeah, I'm sure he won't make a big deal out of it either." Muahaha :) 

So here's how the proposal went down:

On Valentine's Day Craig picked up Laura around 2 o'clock to take her over to his house to "hang out." Once they got to his place they exchanged gifts. Laura gave him her gift and, being very nervous, Craig said 'thanks' really quickly and kind of threw it aside. Then he pulled out the scrapbook he had been working on to give to her. Laura actually started this scrapbook and gave it to Craig on their first Christmas together documenting their relationship up to that point. This time, however, Craig had finished it and filled it with pictures of their adventures over the past two and a half years.

However, on the last page, Craig wrote something to the effect of "And then Craig knew he couldn't spend another day without her ever again..." and he got down on one knee and proposed.

She said yes and the rest is history! I'm so happy for them!

Stay tuned for the future Mr. and Mrs. McClellan! :)


monica said...

this story is so cute...just like your blog!

chelsea rebecca said...

this is so cute!! how wonderful to be proposed on v day! so romantic!
i love that you helped out!!

Searched And Found said...

Tell Laura I said congrats! They are such a cute couple together.

kelly ann said...

oh my gosh, that ring is STUNNING.
this is so sweet :)

Seattle Kim D said...

That is such a cute proposal, awww. Great job picking out a nice ring too, it's beautiful!

charismagic said...

That's so sweet! Gorgeous ring x

brittany barney said...

sooo fun! what a great love story.

Cali of PassionBird said...

I love how he asked you for help! You know you must be a trust worthy friend if you can keep a secret as big as this one! So kudos to you! They are a cute couple & that ring is pretty much amazing!

Kelsi said...

That is such a sweet proposal story! Scrapbooks are great. :) And that ring is so pretty!

CAPow! said...

that is such a CUTE engagement story!