Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Friend appreciation!

My dear friend Lauren had a really tough week. I'll let her story be her's, but suffice to say, it wasn't a good one. 
Because she is one of our best friends, we felt like we had to do something so...
We threw her a party!
We decorated our apartment with banners like the one pictured above and even used a ton of sticky notes giving reasons why we love her and think she's wonderful.

The wall was much more filled by the end of our list, but you get the idea ;) 
Also, Lauren has a severe gluten allergy so we made her a few things we know she can't ever eat
aka muffins and a cake (made and decorated by yours truly)

I was a doof and didn't actually get any pictures of Lauren, but we had a great time!
She is the most loving and wonderful person and seeing her eyes light up after all she's been through lately was more than worth any of the

Blog friends, I want to encourage you to do something out of the ordinary for a friend of yours this week! It will mean more to them than you'll ever know!

Also, stay tuned for my first giveaway coming later this week!!


Courtney Jane said...

aw that's beautiful.

friends are the best medicine.

that cake looks incredible BTW!

Callie said...

Great heart cake! How did you get it in that shape? Thanks for the comment on my painting blog - I post kind of infrequently on there, but I'm trying to get better! Through Clouded Glass is my everyday blog - I'm better at posting on that one! I'd love to be friends! :-) You guessed it as far as the area I'm in - that's cool that you grew up here too!

stephanie a. orefice said...

great reminder to appreciate our friends just for their being our friends.

Anonymous said...

what a sweet idea! i should definitely spread the love.

E said...

Aww, sticky note love is the best. I need to be a better friend...thanks for the gentle reminder :)

chelsea rebecca said...

this is so wonderful! what a great friend! i am loving the garland! and its such a good reminder.. thanks for the inspiration!

Lamoi said...

that is what love is.

Viva La Fashion said...

that heart cake looks yummy! :D

Jean Ramon said...

Aww Nicole! You are such an amazing and loving girl and friend! Wow! Love You!

You Are My Fave said...

This is so sweet. We can definitely be blog friends if I'm guaranteed this awesomeness on a bummy day.