Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beautiful weather finally!

This weekend was wonderful because we got some of the nicest weather! 
It was a mere 50 degrees outside, but you would have thought it was 80 the way everyone was out and about. After all of the snow and gloomy weather I think we were all just thankful to see the sun and for not having to wear a coat everywhere we went!

J. L. and I decided to be tourists in our own town and kind of explore downtown Nashville a little bit. 
Here are a few shots we got:
The beautiful Ryman Auditorium (my favorite venue for shows)
Something I've learned, when you're dating a guitar player, they will ALWAYS go inside the guitar stores no matter how many times they've been there before!
Picture about is the legendary Hatch Show Print! It is so cool in there!
We couldn't resist...

And then one of our absolute favorite places in Nashville: 
Baja Burrito!
Everything here is really fresh and delicious. I got the veggie
"nekked" burrito and J. L. got the Texas Brisket burrito and one fish taco.


I <3 the sunshine!


AbbieBabble said...

Man, I'm ready for some spring weather up here!

I love your pictures of Nashville. I've never been, but now I really want to go!

chelsea rebecca said...

oh how i love nashville!!! and the ryman is my favorite! i've seen so many incredible shows there!! and baja burrito! deliciousness!
p.s. i've been trying to take your button but its not working.. it shows up at a broken image! i don't know whats wrong!

Nicole Jeannette said...


Thanks so much for wanting to take my button :) That makes me so happy! I am trying to figure it out and I'll let you know when it's fixed! Thanks for letting me know... I had no idea!

kelly ann said...

look at that gorgeous blue sky in the first couple of photos! so pretty!

oh man, i want a burrito now. ;)

Hillary said...

Hooray for good weather! Nashville looks like so much fun.

Jacob said...

nice photos!
i love the sun more than anything else:)

Unknown said...

isn't sunshine after days of grey the absolute best?? not only does it give me a new lease on life... but all my local stomping grounds look so much greater! love these pictures. i want to go to that poster store SO BADLY!

thanks for stopping by my blog. i'm digging yours!

Cinnamon said...

At least you get to go to the music store all the time...I have to go to BEST BUY. Count your blessings. If I have to look at techy gadgets one more time...I swear.

erica said...

I am so ready for it to be spring already! It's snowing like crazy here right now... yuck!!!!

I just came across your blog and I am absolutely adoring it! So jazzed I found it!

Have a fabulous day!!

monica said...

Yeah! you totally should play along! I can't wait to read your fill-in's

Happy Friday to you!

Lindsey said...

You know, the more I see of Nashville, the more I think I must visit. Cute little city.