Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pilates and getting in shape!

I just took my first (real) Pilates class! I needed an extra college credit and I've always wanted to do it.
Man! It was MUCH more difficult than I thought it would be!

I'm doing my best to start eating better, exercising, and drinking water. However, I'm trying to take small steps and trying to work them into my life, rather halfway committing to some huge plan. Right now at this point in my life, that isn't practical.

Here are a few things I'm trying to work in:

1. Drink more water! I'm shooting for 6 glasses a day...
2. Pilates classes. Two a week!
3. Taking the stairs vs. the elevator
4. Eliminating fried foods (or at least trying)
5. Including protein and some sort of leafy vegetable in every meal/snack

What are some health tips/tricks that work for you? 


stephanie a. orefice said...

i always try to take stairs instead of elevators... that's pretty much the only thing, haha. but i've always wanted to do pilates... have you ever done any of the videos or anything? does it compare?

Courtney Jane said...

Love the post..
and i know you will love this equally!

Nicole Jeannette said...


Yeah, I've done a couple of them. I wouldn't say that it's "better" but I think the class was great because apparently I'd been doing a few moves incorrectly and the teacher corrected them. I would definitely try to see if there is like a free-for-your-first-try class and get help and keep up with the DVDs. :)

And Souljane, I loved that video! Thanks so much!! :)


Chaucee said...

Pilates?! WOW! What happened to Wii fit? ;P just kidding.

la beast said...

eat lots of protein! and eat more! it boots your metabolism.

you got a cute setup goin on here :)

Anonymous said...

Awe, your blog is so great! Pilates, man... never could get into it. I do love kickboxing though :) Those are some awesome goals. Fried foods is a biggie. Sometimes, with kids I can't avoid it, so I take a lot of napkins and press a lot of the grease out of things like onion rings and french fries when I have to eat at places like Sonic and McDonalds for convenience. I, too, need to drink more water. I will share that goal with you! My kidneys will thank me. :) Great post!

Unknown said...

congrats on trying to get back into shape! that's awesome.

I took up running this past summer. I've never, ever been fond of running and by that I mean hate... LOATHE.

BUT I started it up very, very slowly. ended up hurting my foot and had to stop. once I was feeling better, I started up again and for 7 weeks straight I built myself up to running for 30 minutes straight, which for me is 2 miles, slow, but hey that's my pace.

I ended up losing 15 lbs in those 7 weeks. I stopped running over the holidays (which was a bad idea) and gained almost 1 lb back, but I'd say that's not too bad for stuffing my face and no physical activity for over a month.

I started up again last week and it's totally like riding a bike. The muscle memory just picks up right from where it left off. I would highly recommend training for a marathon because that's basically how I got into it. I never actually ran a marathon, but it got me motivated.

I've also followed weight watchers which is the only diet that has ever worked for me. I lost 70 lbs in high school, gained 30 or 40 back from quitting, college stresses and birth control. I yo-yoed all thru college and in my senior year started WW up again. Since then I've lost almost 60 lbs.

Pilates is AMAZING. I love it because it doesn't feel like you're doing a whole lot of activity, but the next day you really feel your muscles aching and know that you did something right. It also produces great results if you stick with it and do it consistently.

You can totally reach any goal that you set for yourself as long as you're consistent and faithful.

Keep at it!

stephanie a. orefice said...

oh. fricken good suggestion =)

chelsea rebecca said...

seriously the first month is killer but after that you get so used to all the moves and you can get some fab abs out of it!
and HUZZAH for healthiness!! let me tell you something about how water was a miracle to me. when i started drinking only water my face cleared up so much and i felt so good!! diet coke has slipped back into my life but i still try to drink tons of water.. and right now i am eating vegan for a week!! SO HARD. but i'm already feeling better! so you should totally do it with me! vegan for a week blog buddies!
good luck!

Ashley @ said...

I've yet to try pilates.

Water works for me. And Weight Watchers did wonders for my waist and thighs. :)

Jeanette said...

Hello a fellow Jeanette! Although spelled differently!

I am terrible at any kind of working out, maybe I'll try Pilates. But most likely not haha.

Clo by Clau! said...

I like pilates, but I have never been on a class, I have the DVD LoL


Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

i think these are good reasonable goals.

as for the water goal...something that helps me is always keeping 2 water bottles on hand. i only like my water cold straight from the fridge so when i finish one i can refill it and swap it out with another one from the fridge. i do this at work all day long and i definitely drink more water this way.

Nicole Jeannette said...

These are all such great ideas!

Lauren, that's a good idea. I think I need to just stop buying diet drinks because I keep drinking them instead of water for that same reason.

Thanks La Beast! Yes, let's be blog friends :)

Chelsea I just might do that!

Thanks for all of the encouragement and ideas guys! You are great! :)

Anonymous said...

Pilates are the best! I just did mine this morning :-) I was just like you and didn't think that they would be as difficult, but man, they definitely kick my booty! And the stairs vs. elevator thing is great! I think that all of your goals sound perfect and totally do-able! :-)

Concord Carpenter said...

All good goals! I'm kinda doing the same thing, altough I'm not doing Pilates!!!!!

kathleen said...

I am with you, sister! I am starting a pilates class tomorrow and I've been taking spin. UGH! I freak out and get scared (and think I might die!), but it's totally worth it. Keep it up, lady!