Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year/New Leaf

Things to do in 2010

Run more (Recent discovery = I like to run. Who knew?)(P.S. Never buy an invisible fence for your dogs. I don't know that they're there and your giant galloping dog scares me!)
Gluten free baking nights with Lauren.
Have a fondue party.
Get a big girl job... Please, Jesus?
Get a nice camera (Any suggestions? Also, by nice I mean less than $200. I'm not one of those people.)
Road Trip. Plans are TBD.
Visit an IKEA. Yes. Please.
Keep up with my francais.
Learn HTML. (HTMLing? Is that correct? I'm not sure...)
Nail down my next degree.
Blog more. Mmmhmm.
Work on my book! Ah! Poor Melvin... He is frozen in time.
Send out a Chirstmas card. I did that once and it was great.
Go to a beach. It's about time for a sunburn.
Get organized. Especially my purse. It's a mess in there.

Things not to do in 2010

Shop at Walmart.
Stay up late.
Eat corn (The European's say it's what makes us all fat. We shall see...)
Drink Diet Coke*
Eat processed food. I'm a great cook and there's no reason for eating as much junk as I do.
Spend money. Ever again.**
Talk to people who use words like "profesh" and other obnoxious words. You're not so busy that you can't say the whole word. I don't care who you are (Donald Trump!)

*This is not going to happen. Maybe I'll try these instead. They're delicious.
**This is also not going to happen.

The End for now.


Laura said...

1. i like your new layout & pictures! i always look at it on an RSS feed so i never see it. :-) you've inspired me to update mine at some point.

2. you can come with me to the IKEA in Atlanta. It stresses craig out but I like IKEA.

3. I'll drink diet coke with you so you don't feel so bad about that.

and 4. It kind of blew craig's and my minds (i can never do that grammatical that even right?) when we found out that corn doesn't count as a vegetable. we eat less of it now. haha.

5. the code that it's about to make me type to prove i'm a real person is "darpuped." it made me laugh.

6. i miss you & can't wait to hang out when i get back to nash!

Nicole Jeannette said...

Same here! I can't wait to see you!