Thursday, January 28, 2010

Adventures in Babysitting

Every Monday and a few times a week I babysit probably two of the most adorable boys you'll ever meet. I'll call them G and T on here :) They're 5 (just turned 5) and 7 and I pick them up from school/daycare and hang out with them/do homework with them/sometimes take them to piano lessons/swim practice/etc./etc./etc. until their parents get home.
This is G on the swing he swings on every day after school before getting to the car.

There are times where I have to be the bad guy and tell them things like, "Get out of the tree and come inside or no snack for you," or "Boys, if you can't share your Pokemon cards, we can't play." Putting them to bed is near impossible and G is the best little conman you will ever meet... which is semi-endearing, but mostly frustrating when it's an hour past their bedtime and he's trying to tell me that their mom always lets them eat candy in bed. I swear they think I was born yesterday sometimes :)

But also we've had lots of games of tag, hide and seek, and I've judged several "wrestling" matches. I helped T go from floaties to swimming like a big boy at the pool and cheered on G during his swim meets. I've played "Star Wars" with them... and I'm still not sure if I played it the right way or not, but they seemed to like it! I've loved having them show my which rasberries are the best to eat off of the bushes in their back yard and watching them get excited watching popcorn pop in the microwave.  I've helped them with homework, learning to read, and cleaned scraped knees.

Through their tantrums and giggles, it's all been wonderful!
T after dancing around to KidzBop.

The world is so magical and new to them and I've learned so much from just being round them about them, myself, and have even gained a much grater perspective on life that I never would have had without them. It's crazy to think that what started out as a job has become one of my favorite parts of my life and has, dare I say it, even changed me for the better.

I think Robert Bault said it best when he said,
"The world is as many times new as there are children in our lives."


Courtney Jane said...

they are true blessings.

one day i will have one :)

glad you enjoy that sweetie, it's definitely not for everyone.

Heather Grace said...

Wow, how CUTE! I love kids... I nannied two girls (4 and 7) over the summer and I miss/love them terribly. Made me realize I want kids of my own one day.

I saw in the post below that you like The Civil Wars! I've been a fan for about six months now - they blow me away!

Your blog is very beautiful and you seem like a beautiful person inside and out - I'll be returning :)

Lamoi said...

kids are soo amazing. i love the perfect innocence in their eyes. enjoy the adventures for as long as you can.

Jenni said...

Golly those boys are just adorable. What sweeties. I miss my days of babysitting. They were the greatest and it was by far the best job I'd ever had. You're one lucky chick to be able to do that a few times a week.

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

i love kiddos.

they make life happy. their little stories and little smiles can brighten even the most grey of days :).

Samantha said...

I love this post! it makes me miss babysitting!

But I love your blog! I love it so much I'm giving you the Lovely Blog award!

accept it here

chelsea rebecca said...

oh goodness i love that quote! so true! and these kids are adorable! how lucky are they to have you as a babysitter!
and i'm dying over the pokemon cards! feels like just yesterday i was on the playground seeing all the boys swapping!

Betty Manousos said...

So true quote!
and so cute kids
Came by to say and thanks for your comments.

I just love your blog that's why I've followed you!.
Hope you come back! :)

Cali of PassionBird said...

I also watch 2 boys each week & oh man the funny things they do! I;m so glad you found my blog. You have a wonderful blog here too & blog friends sounds wonderful! Oh also Nashville is one of my favorite cities to visit. I have a couple of friends that live there. It's such a good place. Have a marvelous weekend!

Kelly Leigh said...

Just stumbled across your blog! Love the little conman comments. My younger cousin used to have the best reasons for not going to bed. One of my all time favorites was... "But my toenails are growing really fast!"

E said...

The one thing I wish I'd done when I was younger was be a babysitter/nanny. The Nanny Diaries is one of my favorite books because of it :)

Kelsi said...

such adorable little boys. and those stories are precious- i'm what i like to call a "professional babysitter" so i can definitely relate!