Monday, May 25, 2009

What Women Want

"God directed Adam's steps so that when He created Eve, Adam would have the utmost appreciation, respect, and gratitude. I think that was smart of God because today, no that there are women all around and a guy can go on the Internet and see them naked anytime he wants, the whole species has been devalued. If I were a girl today in America, I would be a feminist for sure. I read recently when one out of every four women, by the time they reach thirty, are sexually harassed, molested, or raped. And then I thought how very beautiful it was that God made Adam work for so long because there is no way, after a hundred years of being alone, that you would take advantage of a woman once you met one. She would be the most precious creation in all the world, and you would probably wake up every morning and look at her and wonder at her beauty, or the gentle, silent way she sleeps. It stands to reason if Byron, Keats, and Shelley made beauty from reflecting on their muses, having grown up around women all their lives, that even these sonnets could not capture the sensation Adam must have felt when he opened his eyes to find Eve.... I'll bet Adam felt loved by God, like he was somebody God was always trying to bless and surprise with amazing experiences, and I'll be they talked together about how beautiful Eve was and how wonderful it was that the two of them could know her, and I would imagine that Eve fel safe, loved, and not used or gawked at, but appreciated and admired." 

- Donald Miller in Searching For God Knows What