Saturday, April 25, 2009

Drafting Poetry

So, I'm in a Creative Writing class and I'm doing my homework and publishing some of my drafts on here. Here is a starter one. It's NOT finished, but it is a start. 

A Week Ago: I Am An Invisible Child

With a flash of light,
And a burst of scarlet,
My sister dropped to the ground.
I never would have done this a week ago. 

I'm scared and unknown,
I miss the loving arms of my mom,
I want to be home safe and warm.
That changed when they took me away a week ago.

As time passes on,
All I know is my gun.
My master's wish is my command. 
I killed a man and liked it a week ago. 

Ready, Set, Aim.
My life has gone down in a flame.
If someone had cared enough to stop this war,
Maybe I would still be alive, like I was a week ago. 


Laura. said...

off to a good start. :) i like it.

it's racy! haha.

Allen Skipper said...

I like this.