Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Kind of Girl I Am

The other day I was standing in line and overheard a group of girls talking about "what kind of girl" they each were. I listened to each girl go around and list of her favorite qualities about herself and sum it up into one word. To my dismay I ACTUALLY heard one girl say, "I think I'm a 'pink' girl because I'm just peppy, fun, care-free, and just so pinky!" *Shiver*

Despite having a disparaging moment of grief for my entire generation because of this child, it made me wonder... What kind of girl am I?

I'm writing a song about this and I'll update it later, but it's been really interesting think about. Suggestions would be welcome :) 

P.S. If you are a girl reading my blog and you happen to think of yourself as a "pink girl," please do society-at-large a favor and go read a book. Authors like Stephanie Myers, Paris Hilton, and trash romance novels do not count. 

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rivalee sunshine said...

I feel like I am more of a dark yellow girl.
kind of weird, and not everyone likes me, but those who do like me a lot!