Saturday, February 28, 2009


I have decided to get a tattoo! I'm getting a sparrow on my left foot. It's going to be small and just black, but what it symbolizes means a lot to me.

First and foremost, the Bible uses the sparrow repeatedly to discuss God's love for us. God knows and cares for each of the sparrows he creates, but how much more does our Father love us? It's no secret I've struggled in the past with feelings of worthlessness and I feel like it will be a constant reminder to me of my Father's love for me and my worth because I am loved by him.

Secondly, but no less important, the sparrow symbolizes freedom... and I feel like I've been set free from so much in my life and it's my greatest fear that I would fall into a situation that would put me back in those bonds and not be strong enough to get out. I feel like a visual reminder of my freedom in Christ and because of Him is going to be helpful to me in the future to remember who I was and how wonderful it feels to be free from that girl.

I'll post a picture as soon as I get it! 
Yay! I'm excited! 

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Laura said...

can't wait to see it! :-)