Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm Still Waiting For You To Be The One I'm Waiting For

I think for the first time in my life I'm content to be single. I'm realizing God has something awesome in store for me, but that I need to have some patience in the meantime. However, after talking to a lot of people/mostly girls lately, I'm realizing it's not a bad thing to be aware of the type of guy I would (God willing) want to marry someday. 

So if I could make a  list... or a recipe, rather, I think this would be the man I want to marry, but not in this order.

  • Blonde Hair
  • Blue Eyes (my weakness haha)
  • Tall
  • Has nice hands (weird... I know) 
  • Friendly
  • Good sense of humor/can be goofy, but knows when to bring it in
  • Intelligent 
  • Loyal!
  • Affectionate, but knows when/where to stop
  • Has a heart for the lonely/hurting
  • Musical (preferably sings and plays guitar or piano) 
  • Someone who is slow to anger 
  • Encourages me in my walk with God as I do him
  • Has a tremendous amount of compassion and isn't judgmental
  • Has integrity and character
  • Is my absolute best friend
  • Someone who follows through/a man of his word
  • Can identify and is aware of his weaknesses
  • Respects me 
  • Respects himself
  • Loves kids
  • Is gentle 
  • Romantic but realizes the value of everyday love more than the little things
  • Has overcome very difficult situations in the past (I know this sounds bad, but I think it builds character)
  • Knows what it is to love (I think this is the most rare of all) 
  • Most importantly though, he has an understanding of life and the love/grace of Jesus Christ so much so that it overflows into everything he does, is, is not, and will be. 
At the end of the day, I just want someone to cherish and someone to cherish me, but I hope this is a close picture of the person I marry someday... again, God willing. 

I want to marry a man who loves God more than he'll ever love me and who is secure with me loving God more than I love him (I think that's were so many of us go wrong). I know I've jokingly, and not so jokingly, said I never want to get married. But that isn't true. I do. However, I only want to marry the person who I know I can serve God better together with than without him. Lord help me to continue to be patient! 

I'm still waiting for you to be the one I'm waiting for... 


b said...

so how much of this list are you willing to sacrifice if the guy for you doesnt actually fit your definition of perfect?

Nicole Jeannette said...

Well I mean obviously some qualities are more important than others :) Physical things pale in comparison to a person's character. I probably shouldn't have listed those first haha I just felt like they were easier :)

b said...

i love you. check out the pictures i just posted.