Friday, February 6, 2009

And Now I Alone

Me, Myself, and I used to fly, beautiful and  free through the clouds,
So far above the rest, 
I always said those were the good old days. 
And they were.

However, one day while dancing in the sky,
I saw something change Myself. 
I watched a silver bullet pierce the skin,
I listened to Myself claim it was Cupid's arrow.

I watched Myself fall with grace and a look of joy,
But I could tell... that wasn't joy, but death.
I watched Myself land in his hands, with a sudden thud.
I felt the excruciating pain of seeing Myself dead... or "in love."

He showed off his prize to his friends,
With a toothy grin he knew he had won.
And just as I expected, when he was ready for more,
He took Me away also. 

A part of Me saw what happened to Myself, but had no idea what to do, 
and soon followed, blissfully unaware and died with Myself. 
I knew that the only way to live was to flee fast and far.
And now I alone am safe. 
And now I alone am free to experience the world.
And now I alone know that at the heart of every man is a hunter.

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