Friday, October 10, 2008

Some late night thoughts on Socialism

I once heard someone say that if Jesus had a favored political system it would be Socialism because everyone is working for the good of everyone else and for one purpose.
I think that is true... in heaven. There we have one purpose and One person to serve. Easy. Done. 

However, when you factor in human nature/sin... it doesn't work that way. 
The whole entire point of this world is to CHOOSE what is right and what is wrong. Not to be told. God tells us what is right, but not once throughout the history of humanity has he forced anyone to do anything. 

So would Jesus want us to live in a society where we have no choice but to give to everyone and not to serve ourselves? Not to think of our family first, but our master? I think He would if it were that simple. We need to have the choice not to give, not to help, not to love... otherwise we are not only not able to give, help, or love in their truest forms... but we have lost one VERY vital ingredient, completely necessary to our existence on this earth: 


Not even God FORCES you to live or act a certain way. It's all about the freedom to choose your own life. So, when someone suggests that Jesus' favored political party is Socialism... I only have to say... I beg to differ. 

"Without the choice of love, one does not have the ability to love"
-Dr. Dolan 

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