Friday, October 24, 2008

Sex... it's easier than love.

I truly think the word "love" has been so terribly watered down. It isn't sex. It isn't happy feelings. It isn't something you fall into and out of. It is the word that describes the very essence of God Himself. It is SHOWING the commitment of love. 

Feelings are wonderful, but they do not constitute love. Sometimes I have a hard time understanding what is temporarily kind and what is loving. I think they go hand in hand in most cases, but it sometimes becomes a gray area. That is where it is hard, but I suppose hind-site is what we have to learn from. Love is hard and I think if we really, truly, and honestly loved people it might stink for a little while... or a long while, but when we really want what is best for our "neighbor", we are finally loving them. When we do what honors God, we truly love Him. 

No matter how others act, respond, don't respond, fight, hate, or take advantage, just keep remembering:

Love is a verb. 


b said...

good thoughts. I heard somewhere "men use love to get sex, women use sex to get love"

Nicole Jeannette said...

It's true. And i didn't mean for this to be as much about "sex" as I mean for it to be about the fact that people think love means SO many things other than what it truly does. Like everyone does.

Anonymous said...

Love has little, if anything, to do with love. I don't ask, "Do you want to make love?" but rather, "Do you want to have sex?"