Friday, March 28, 2008

If Only You Knew

This is my first attempt at poetry:

If only you could see
Everything I see
If only you could read between the lines,
I know you wouldn't do what you do
If only you knew
On your soul rests a stamp that reads "MINE".

It is signed by a King,
Maker of all things,
But most precious to Him is you.
We watch you wandering and groping,
While we're here waiting and hoping
Someday you'll see it's true.

You'll never be the same
Once you realize the rules have changed
And you, you have already won.
Worthy of love and respect,
A heart to protect,
Never again will you be undone.

We're waiting for you to smile,
Truly smile.
We're waiting for you to shine,
Truly shine.
But until then I'll watch you pretending 
Watch the signs you are sending,
Knowing you'd be different
If only you know
Your own worth. 

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